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    Stephan has worked for many years in the audio industry running everything from studio sessions to full-scale concert and theatrical productions.  He is also a competent professional musician, playing drums and keyboards since he was a child.  Stephan learned the theory of audio engineering from Dave Blake, owner of Fox Recording Studios, and recording engineer for over 50 years.  There, Stephan honed his skills and learned to apply his musical ear to this art.  He learned the adage that great audio engineering and music go hand in hand, and that one is not complete without the other.


    Stephan soon after got involved in the installation and maintenance of studios for many high profile clients including Billy Joel, Moby, The Mars Volta, and 50 Cent.   He then moved on to becoming the chief technician and a house engineer for Redemption Studios in Clifton, NJ, (A room designed by John Storyk and housing a Neve VR-80 Recording console)  for four years before management closed it in 2012. All the while, Stephan was working with many different corporate clients and audio production companies.  He also went on tour with several groups in different capacities, as a front of house, monitor, and systems engineer.


    Using his experience from years working in the industry, Stephan has designed, installed, operated and maintained audio systems for many different types of venues all across the united states.  He has mixed for all different types of acts from theatrical, to orchestral music, to jazz, to heavy rock. Currently working for Audio Inc, a regional audio company in northern New Jersey, Stephan continues to work with high profile acts from all walks.  Every night he endeavors to ensure that the audience leaves saying that the show sounded amazing, whether he's mixing, or facilitating other engineers as a systems technician.  When he's not doing this, he can be found out playing with a few local music artists, or diving into a video game.


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  • Clients

    People with whom Stephan has worked with include:


    Rosanne Cash

    BB King

    Type O Negative

    Ben Folds



    Josh Groban

    William Shatner

    Jay Leno

    Billy Joel

    The Mars Volta

    Doctor John

    Joan Rivers

    Natalie Merchant

    Jeff Dunham

    Spyro Gyra

    Natalie MacMaster

    Stephen Lynch

    Don Felder

    Darryl "DMC" McDaniel


    Jerry Seinfeld

    Matt Kearney

    Bowling for Soup



    Stellar Kart

    Lita Ford

  • Accolades

    Here are some kind letters from people I have worked with.


    "I've known Stephan Wojtecki for several years.  In that time he has proven to be a reliable and extremely talented musician & sound engineer.  He has played in my band for the past 7 years and has an incredible talent for creating keyboard parts & sequences.  I continue to use him in all capacities as a keyboard player or drummer on my larger gigs.  He comes prepared, he comes with ideas, and I know that when he is on the bandstand we're going to have a better show.  Were it not enough that he is an extremely talented and gifted musician, his engineering skills are just as impressive.  At all of my shows he always finds a way to work respectfully with the house sound engineer and also add his own personal touch to the front of house  and monitor mixes.   I highly recommend Stephan for all your keyboard, sequencing, drumming gigs and studio/live sound engineering needs.  He'll make whatever you're working on...that much better."


    Dave Pettigrew

    solo recording artist, worship leader, SVP, Warner/Chappell Music Publishing,




    "I have had the pleasure of working with Stephan in many different capacities, and in all he has proven to be a great asset.

    As a studio tech, his knowledge of audio and equipment has been invaluable to me in regard to my studio and the choices I have made.  He has built equipment for me, and his attention to detail is bar none. His problem solving skills are fantastic, and he always finds a way to get the job done within the parameters he is faced with.

    As a recording/tracking engineer, his approach is with a musicality that many lack today. It’s not just about “properly” recording a sound, but how it works within the context of the piece he’s recording.  He has a grasp on the analog AND digital, and understands that music can be recorded without the aid of plug-ins.  The lost art of microphone placement and room acoustics is not lost on Stephan.

    As a musician, I have played live with Stephan over the last few years.  Whether playing percussion or keyboards, he is always prepared and very tasteful.  His synth patches are far from “out of the box,” which only further points to his care and professionalism within a playing situation.  His laidback demeanor and good humor makes him a pleasure to have on a stage.

    As you can probably tell, I’m a fan.  I can, without hesitation, recommend Stephan for any position in a professional audio field.  If he doesn’t already know it, he will learn it, and whatever the task he is assigned, it will be better for having him be a part of it."


    Frank Di Minno

    Music Producer Advertising/Video Games, Director, Strategic Marketing, Warner/Chappell Music Publishing



    "I have been working in this industry for over 50 years.  I have owned my own studio for more than 35 years and have had many interns and assistants.  Among my assistants, I am fortunate to know Stephan and have fostered him throughout his career as an engineer.  Over this time we have become good friends and I know I can constantly rely on him for help in my studio.

    Stephan has become a very talented and capable engineer.  He has good ears and has a true knack for this field and it's many different areas.  He is a talented musician and doesn't mind humoring his mentor with a late-night after-session jam.  Several of my assistants have gone on to work for major record labels, production studios and prominent positions in the entertainment and broadcast industry.  I count Stephan as one of my more successful protégés and am excited to see what he will do in the future.

    To this day he is invaluable to me as a computer technician, be it repairing my many old or new machines or setting up new software.  As a blind Engineer, I am limited as to what I can do with computers and digital audio applications.  I am restricted to using screen reading software and cannot use a mouse.  In order to stay afloat in this industry, one has no choice but to embrace these technologies.  Stephan is able to explain said new technology and software to me in ways that are easy for a blind individual to understand, helping me to stay competitive in the Recording industry.  He is very familiar with audio softwares, standard computer softwares and screen reading softwares, giving him the ability to work with my machines quickly and easily.

    I can safely recommend Stephan for any engineering job in the industry and am very confident in his abilities."


    David Blake

    Owner and Chief Engineer, Fox Recording Studios - Rutherford, NJ

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